About Us


At FIBC we are committed to reaching out to all peoples within Montgomery County, Harris County and surrounding areas, equipping them for ministry, so that together we can advance the “Kingdom of God.”

We sum it up with this truth: Our Purpose is People.

Thank you for visiting our website. If you are looking for a Church Home, I hope you’ll join us soon.

We warmly welcome you to FIBC. What began as a dream in our hearts and a burden to see a vibrant Baptist Church demonstrating God’s love to our community is becoming a reality. We clearly see God’s hand and His amazing grace at work in our lives and in the life of this Church.

Now, as we advance towards the future, we continue to build upon those things that God has spoken so strongly to us. At FIBC we have one aim – to love God, love people and to Preach and teach the Word of God.

We are purposefully building a Church with a Biblical focus on worship, ministry, evangelism, fellowship and discipleship. We are a Church family with a strong commitment to building healthy homes and relationships. We are a generous people who love to serve and worship God with our whole heart and life.

Our current vision is effectively summed up in one simple phrase: “Making Him Known” and that focus remains at the very core of where we are headed as a Church. Come join us as we move forward advancing the Kingdom of God!


America became a great nation because of a group of individuals; called the local church. They didn’t have fancy buildings, or padded pews. They met wherever they could in schools, community houses, barns, under tents and at times under brush arbors. At times they came in tattered and ragged clothed – but they came.

Back then, church was more than just 60 minutes of sheer boredom or a theatrical talent show. God’s people came prepared to worship and praise God for His goodness and grace toward sinful man. Back in the day God’s people were not ashamed to sing the old fashioned “songs of Zion” from the depths of their heart, to the top of their lungs. It was a time when humble men of God stood in the pulpit, rolled up their sleeves and declared war on hell and sin. They Preached the Holy Word of God without compromise and political correctness. Back then, men of God were fearless, they Preached with great conviction in their soul that God was man’s only hope. They were men filled with the Holy Ghost on a heavenly mission to Preach heaven sweet and hell hot. They unapologetically preached the Word of God and changed the very fabric of our nation. Hearts were melted, sinners were saved, wayward sons and daughters returned, shipwrecked and wasted lives were rescued. God was there and everybody knew it. It was God and man enjoying fellowship. Friend, that was the way it was meant to be!

At FIBC, we still believe that is God’s intent and desire for the local New Testament Church. Our heart’s desire is not just another church in the community. Rather we desire to be a church where God is a welcomed guest in every service and not an occasional visitor. A church where old fashioned singing, teaching and preaching is heard on a consistent basis. A place where God’s people can fellowship and worship our great God.

​We invite you to come and visit with us. If what you are looking for is a Church that still believes in “OLD TIME RELIGION” I believe you’ll find here what you are looking for.